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Everyone deserves a Higher Quality of Life.
Coach Gwen believes that counseling, coaching, and education can be the foundation to overall wellness! In conjunction with establishing a genuine counselor and client relationship, she strives to equip clients with knowledge and tools to uplift and help to lead better & more enriched and genuine lives. 
take control of



Just what are you waiting for?

Stop letting yourself off the hook by blaming others with finger pointing and name calling, or waiting for a hand-out; If you want to be more and do more, the power lies within You!

The only reason you would fail at having a better life is because you didn’t try.

Go after your greatness!!


Be Bold, Go Big, Be Better!


My company had Coach Gwen come in and speak to our team regarding motivational topics and self confidence. We so appreciated the value added by Coach Gwen's knowledge and expertise. We would love to have her join us again. Coach Gwen, you ROCK!!!

Marcella J. on May 20, 2016




Gwen is just a Godsend. Period. I initially came into contact with her through mutual social circles and the brief conversations we had have been inspiring and self-introspective. She taught me that it's okay to find oneself and to truly find what makes you happy.

Shannon P. on February 9, 2016

Coach Gwen has great sense of humor and is very down to earth. She gave me a mock interview. I could not believe the exact same questions were asked! I was very comfortable and the interviewee was as well. She is straightforward with her thoughts on given situations and ideas. I love the fact that she has such high standards and respect in what she does. I'm now waiting for my second interview with this major career move. I highly recommend her services!

Toni D. on January 19, 2016




Counseling/Coaching/Community Education

Coach Gwen offers mental & behavioral health and chemical dependency counseling for individuals, families, couples, and group therapy, as well as career coaching & counseling. One of my passions and areas of experience is working with clients that have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect. I also enjoy working with clients in need of anger management, cognitive reconstruction, and mindfulness training.


Career Coaching

Professional Development

Conflict Resolution

Clinical Consulting

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