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Helping Women Create a Better Life

As women we tend to put others needs in front of our own. It takes great strength to know when to ask for help, to take a break and revel in self care, to understand our true needs and desires. It takes help, direction and sometimes a little push to create the life we truly deserve. With all the trauma, stress, and subtle nuances that create the chaos that we call life it’s beyond important to have a support system that is built based on your needs. It is my great passion, my deep desire to help build that support system for women around the world. - Coach Gwen Hodrick

stop talking


Have you ever felt so broken, you thought you might not recover? Here's the good news, if you are reading this, you have survived that low point in your life; Sometimes a breakdown can be a set up for a great rebuilding phase.

A patient of mine once told me she was afraid of the rebuilding phase, and that's why she continued to self-sabotage. We talked a great deal about why she did these things, and why she was afraid to rebuild herself into someone she could be proud of? Her response was that she didn't know who she was after the drugs and depression, furthermore, "WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE THE PERSON I AM ONCE I AM PUTTING MYSELF BACK TOGETHER?"


That was so heavy and insightful...My advice to her and to anyone working to build a #BetterMeBetterLife, take corrective action along the way as you are reconstructing yourself; if you see something you don't like change it. You are writing the next chapters of your own story and no one else can dictate how that story should be written.

Flowers bloom when you give them water and food; that's life.

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