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Are you ready to create waves and make the moves necessary to propel your career to the next level? I understand, sitting at a crossroads in your career, or even a standstill, can be both frustrating and confusing! Now is the time to make your next move, and the Career Bootcamp will teach you where and how to make the moves to harness the growth necessary to excel in your career and create the future you’ve made such herculean efforts toward.


Each Career Bootcamp is comprised of a small group of participants that are striving toward their personal aspirations and future, together we will examine big picture and nail down the direction, skill sets, development choices and more. As we wrap up our 4 hour session of Career Bootcamp you’ll have the knowledge, strategy and CONFIDENCE to morph from the ugly duckling into the beautiful swan that you deserve to be in your life. 

What You Get From The Career Bootcamp:

  • A strategic plan to advance your career

  • Troubleshooting to help you become the best possible employer and/or employee

  • Undercover your strengths and weaknesses, as well as, how to use both to your advantage in career advancement

  • Tools to catapult you to the level of success you desire

The Details

The Career Bootcamp is a  4 hour long special event hosted and instructed by Coach Gwen L. Hodrick, MA, LPC, LCDC. 

You will leave the Bootcamp equipped to handle career choices without batting an eye!

The Career Bootcamp is only $250 (a $400 value).

If you’re ready to conquer the workplace and dominate in your career field sign up today!

Next Available Dates: 8/8/th, 8/15th, and 8/17th (virtual), and 8/19th in-person workshop.

Career Bootcamp held on 8/19/17 is a LIVE event, with only 6 seats available. 

Sign up today to grab your spot for our virtual Career Bootcamps

OR as one of the SIX participants in the

August 19, 2017 {THIS IS AN IN-PERSON EVENT}

Career Bootcamp! 



You deserve to reach your career goals! 

I realize that all too often a career move can feel big and overwhelming but it doesn’t have to. 

The Career Bootcamp is Dallas’s premier Career Coaching Event! 

During the 4 hour long Career Bootcamp you will learn:

Leadership Development

Increased Self-Awareness

Business development and client relations skills

Career planning and management

Development of High-Potential Talent

If you’re ready to say ‘Good Bye’ to the stand still that you’re in, contact us today and say ‘Hello’ to your future!

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